Tornado Alley is Expanding! (November, 2018)

A recent article in Carrier Management was entitled: More Tornadoes Spinning Eastward to Populated Areas, Worrying Scientists.  We agree!  Throughout 2018 we have explored the rise in severe storms (or, non-cat weather) cited as a source of earnings volatility by most (re)insurers.  We commented on the expansion of tornado alley in March.  Interested in that work?  Contact us.

Insurance M&A Activity to Heat Up says Assured Research (October, 2018)

Our October Assured Briefing includes a number of bold assertions.  We believe insurance M&A will accelerate in late 2018 and during 2019, but the target companies might surprise longtime industry watchers.  Recognizing the nascent concern for rising workers' compensation claim frequency, we unleash our research tools to reveal the industries and geographies most at risk.  And we have another installment in our Social Inflation is Back! series.  Not a subscriber? Contact us for a free trial!

Listen to our Webinar on Myriad Insurance Topics (Sep., 2018)

Assured Research's free quarterly webinar series explores personal, commercial, and financial topics included in our research.  Recently, we explored the massive expense savings opportunity from photo adjusting claims, explained why losses from severe storms are on the rise, and discussed trends in alternative transportation.  Listen to the replay of that event at this linkContact us to learn more, or be on the lookout for our 4Q18 webinar.

Tax Reform Could Boost P/C Premiums by Over $200 Billion (February, 2018)

In research released in our February Assured Briefing, we quantified the potential impact of tax reform on the P/C industry. Described in the press release at this link, demand for P/C insurance could rise by some $215 billion if the optimistic economists are correct and real GDP increases by 4-5% because of reform. Our work also looks at the purchasing behavior of industries critical to P/C insurance. Check out the complimentary summary at the Research tab of our website.