Assured Research Claims Social Inflation is Back! (July, 2017)

It's been nearly 20 years since 'social inflation' was squarely on the radar screen of most insurance professionals.  In a new report available to subscribers Assured Research claims that it has returned; with it a major threat to the industry's already marginal profitability.

Contact Us to receive a one-page summary of the report as part of a trial offer to our research.

Or, read a summary published in Carrier Management magazine in mid July.

Assured Research Study Published in Carrier Management (June, 2017)

Assured Research is pleased to announce another partnership with Carrier Management, an industry leading journal targeting P/C insurance executives.  Our report compares the returns and drivers of return for national and regional insurers.  The report, accessible at this link, has been released ahead of Carrier Management's Super Regional Insurance Conference to be held this July.

Assured Research on the American Health Care Act (March, 2017)

The emerging details of the AHCA and its likely impact on the medically insured lead us to conclude that the legislation is likely bad for workers' compensation insurers.  Our recent Assured Comment provides the background, but much of the support is gleaned from new, 2016 data showing the WC loss ratios in 18 states maximally-impacted by the ACA are now outperforming the rest of the country.  Unwinding the impact of ObamaCare and adding some 24 million to the ranks of medically uninsured will lead to cost shifting to WC insurers.  Contact us for more information.

Assured Research Quoted in New York Times (May, 2016)

Following our commentary on the NFL/insurance industry coverage dispute over concussion liabilities (May Assured Briefing); the New York Times analyzed the situation and reported on the topic in this article: How an Insurance Coverage Dispute Affects the NFL Concussions Settlement.  We're proud to be associated with this important topic and will be happy to share our work; please contact us.