Assured Research YouTube Channel (June, 2023)

Over the past month we've begun to post short videos (10 min. or so) to a new Assured Research YouTube Channel. Current videos cover the accounting for fixed income securities (relevant in the context of recent bank failures), the impact of inflation on actuarial work, and most recently our deconstruction and reconstitution of the Medical CPI for P/C insurers. Links are accessible by all, though for the most insights we encourage a trial subscription.

Assured Industry Reserve Study shows $22 Bil. Redundancy (March, 2023)

We released our 10th annual study of the industry's loss reserves in mid-March. Despite our efforts to explicitly account for rising inflation, we find ourselves largely in agreement with the industry's selected reserves and ultimate loss ratios...but not in every line of insurance! Workers Comp still good, commercial auto and 'other liability' still bad. We'd be happy to share our report with those taking a free trial to our work. Contact us.

Assured Research Makes Carrier Management Top 100 (February, 2023)

Assured Research was honored to be included - twice - in Carrier Management's release of their top 100 articles (top 10 each year for their 10 years of publishing). We participated in research on predictive analytics in 2013 (#6) and our article on social inflation was #7 in 2020. Wishing Carrier Management another successful decade ahead! Download their report at no cost here.

Assured Research Explores FEMA's National Risk Index (January, 2023)

In an Assured Report released in early January, Assured Research 'makes hay' with a dynamic new tool from FEMA. The National Risk Index calculates an expected annual loss from 18 natural perils using exposures, historical frequency of storms, and risk of loss to buildings, people and agriculture...all at the county level. It would be our pleasure to share this report with (re)insurers interested in a trial to our work. Contact Us

Assured Research's Popular P&C 101/201 on Demand (August, 2022)

We have delivered our immensely popular P&C 101 Teach In (Answering: How does this industry work?) to hundreds of professionals; newcomers, young professionals, board members, and veterans looking to expand their understanding of P&C. The 2.5 hour webinar is on demand and can be accessed with a FREE TRIAL. Contact us for more.