Real-Time Crash Data: August Crashes up 10% y/y; Return to Work Matter Most (Sep., 2021)

In an Assured Comment we reported our analysis of several state DOT websites that make real-time crash data available.  Crashes were up about 10% compared to Aug. 2020 levels, but still below Aug. 2019 levels by 10%.  This despite gasoline consumption being about the same (Aug. '21 vs. '19). What's going on?  The answer, we suspect, is that the VMT are different now and more spread out over the day - less commuting!  Office occupancy is only ~30% of pre-pandemic levels.  Auto insurers need to be prepared when office workers return en masse - more claims! 

Assured Report on 1H2021 Financial Trends (August, 2021)

Rising ROEs and 2022 consensus earnings estimates - good news for most P/C (re)insurers.  But while 'stable and disciplined' were clearly the watchwords for the commercial insurance marketplace through 1H21, we wonder how quickly the drive for premium growth will lead to a softening market.  Our Assured Report is presented as a series of graphs helping professionals quickly understand trends in underwriting, ROEs and more.  Contact us for a free trial and copy.

Infrastructure Compromise Good for P/C Insurers & Brokers (June, 2021)

What's good for construction is good for P/C insurers - it's that simple.  In an Assured Comment released to subscribers following the announced compromise, we estimated that the incremental spending above the federal baseline (some $580-$800 billion) could generate an additional $2.0 - $2.5 billon of industry premiums annually.  We used tools from ISO MarketStance which provides a link between the U.S. economy and P/C Insurance.  Contact us for more details about this important development.

Industry Reserves are Redundant! Assured Industry Study (March, 2021)

The big news to convey from our annual study of the industry's loss reserve position: We estimate the industry moved to a significantly redundant reserve position at YE20 - $28.4 bil. or 4% of the $681 billion of reserves we reviewed.  As to ramifications for the pricing cycle - that's in our study as well.  Read more in the summary prepared for Carrier Management - click here

Assured Research's Popular P&C 101/201 on Demand (November, 2020)

We have delivered our immensely popular P&C 101 Teach In (Answering: How does this industry work?) to hundreds of professionals; newcomers, young professionals, board members, and veterans looking to expand their understanding of P&C.  The 2.5 hour webinar is on demand and can be accessed with a FREE TRIAL. Contact us for more.