On Climate Change and Wildfires (June, 2019)

Our latest Assured Report focused on emerging trends offers an in-depth look at climate change and wildfire risk.  We examine decades of data available through national repositories and pull from myriad state-mandated and academic research papers on wildfire risks.  Bottom line: Climate change will lead to more frequent and larger forest fires presenting (re)insurers with both risks and business opportunities. Contact us to learn more.

Analysis of Primary Commercial Pricing, Cancer Coverage and More (June, 2019)

Assured Research's June edition of the Assured Briefing illustrates our diverse research content.  This month we explore the hardening pricing for commercial insurance, cancer coverage under workers' compensation, and offer a hedge for rising auto (and other liability) claims as marijuana legalization and usage spreads.  Free trial for those interested in staying abreast of diverse topics. Contact Us.

Time to Reevaluate Liability Exposure to Dioceses (April, 2019)

In our February Assured Briefing we revisited the sad topic of sexual abuse cases centered on, but not limited to, the Catholic church. While some insurers of various archdioceses may have settled with their policyholders in the early 2000s, our conversations with insurance professionals revealed that additional liability and coverage could remain. In April, one national insurer took a reserve charge for the NY law passed in Feb. More charges and insurers could be implicated.  Read our Assured Comment on the topic.

Social Inflation is Back! It says so in our Press Release (March, 2019)

In an Assured Report released in March, we once again revisit our most inquired-about research topic over the past two years.  With fresh data on the three bedrocks of our work legal advertising, trends in the judiciary, and third-party litigation finance, this report concludes that social inflation remains a threat to the margins of P/C insurers.  Check out our press release on the report (here) and contact us to receive the report as part of a free trial.

Assured Research Featured in Law360; Genomics Revolution (December, 2018)

Assured Research was proud to work with Innovative Science Solutions and co-author a note featured in Law360: P/C Insurers Face a Genomics Revolution.  Our simple message: P/C insurers need to get on board with the genomics revolution overtaking civil litigation - or risk being run over!  Register at Law360 for a copy or access the report here.