Assured Research on Gas Consumption, Driving and Auto Rates (April, 2021)

What might the Federal Reserve and many state insurance regulators soon have in common? An new affinity for averages is our answer.  The Fed has said its 2% inflation target is now an average, over time.  Similarly, when rate increases are requested, some regulators may say 'Sorry, we see your 4% U/W target as an average, not a floor.'  Read our newly released Assured Comment.

Industry Reserves are Redundant! Assured Industry Study (March, 2021)

The big news to convey from our annual study of the industry's loss reserve position: We estimate the industry moved to a significantly redundant reserve position at YE20 - $28.4 bil. or 4% of the $681 billion of reserves we reviewed.  As to ramifications for the pricing cycle - that's in our study as well and we'd be glad to share it as part of a free trial to our work. Contact Us.

Assured Research on SPACs - Link to our Latest Comment (March, 2021)

Assured Research has delved into the topic of SPACs. Our March Assured Briefing examines both the specifics of an insurance transaction (CCC Information Services), but also the ramifications for the insurance industry.  InsurTech firms will have more capital which is good for their customers and allies (insurers), but underwriting oriented firms (erstwhile competitors) will too.  Our comment on the Hippo transaction is available at this link.

Assured Research on Market Conditions - Commercial and Personal (Feb., 2021)

In a series of Assured Comments released during Jan. and Feb., Assured Research has commented on the state of the pricing cycle in commercial insurance where we observed that analyst's forecasts for earnings in '21 and '22 may leave room for upside.  On personal lines, we were among the first to notice a string of 5% rate decreases by a top national carrier to take effect during 1Q21.  Contact us to read these and start a free trial.

Assured Research's Popular P&C 101 and 201 Modules now on Demand (November, 2020)

We have delivered our immensely popular P&C 101 Teach In (Answering: How does this industry work?) to hundreds of professionals; newcomers, young professionals, board members, and veterans looking to expand their understanding of P&C.  The 2.5 hour webinar is on demand and can be accessed with a FREE TRIAL. Contact us for more.